Job Offers

DDT College Of Medicine is committed to recruiting the most suitable qualified candidates into vacant positions through a fair, systematic, effective recruitment and selection procedures. All appointments are made on the principle of merit, compliance with all relevant labour laws and adherence to policies and processes. All applications for employment shall be made in writing and submitted in accordance with set procedures in an advert. This applies to exsisting employees as well as those new to organization.

Applications shall be accompanied by the copies of documentary evidence as required for different jobs categories.

The ideal candidate will be responsible for among others, the following:
(i) Conduct regular thorough examinations on newborns and young children to check and record their health and normal physical development
(ii) Examine sick children to determine their condition and ask intuitive questions to gather information about symptoms
(iii) Reach an informed diagnosis based on scientific knowledge and individual medical history
(iv) Prescribe medications and give detailed instructions for administration
(v) Prescribe and interpret appropriate lab tests to gain more information for possible infections or abnormalities
(vi) Prepare and administer vaccines according to the governmental vaccination plan
(vii) Examine and treat injuries and refer the little patients to physicians of other disciplines when necessary (e.g. surgeons, ophthalmologists, orthopedists etc.)
(viii) Advise parents on children’s diet, exercise and disease preventive measures
(ix) Keep updated records of patients’ illnesses, surgeries or other medical episodes (allergic shocks, injuries etc.)
(x) Keep abreast of advancements in pediatrics and best practices by attending seminars and conferences

(i)Proven work experience as a pediatrician (atleast 3 years)
(ii)In depth knowledge of children epidemiology and infectious diseases
(iii)Exquisite knowledge of diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation principles and techniques
(iv). Up to speed knowledge of drugs/medication appropriate for children and their side-effects
(v). Familiarity with traditional and web-based prescription systems
(vi). Medical Degree with specialization in pediatrics
(vii). Valid license to practice medicine

(i)Active listener, patient and calm
(ii)Excellent communications skills
(iii)Outstanding diagnostic and problem solving abilities

2 CLINICAL COORDINATOR (medical Laboratory sciences)
i. Obtaining appropriate clinical sites for all students to assure a wide-variety of quality clinical placements reflective of Medical Laboratory practice
ii. Assuring that the clinical education contract is in place
iii. Assuring that the clinical practice experiences encompass opportunities for involvement in interdisciplinary practice
iv. Establishing the specific Learning outcomes, in line with the curriculum, for the students for each clinical education experience
v. Communicating to the students the minimum performance expectations for successful completion of each clinical experience
vi. Providing the clinical site instructors with the grading system to be used for evaluation of student performance during the clinical experience
vii. Establishing the organizational relationship between the academic program and the clinical facility
viii. Providing the student with information about the clinical site in preparation for attending the clinical placement
ix. Arranging for reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities
x. Establishing and maintaining all lines of communication (i.e. types, frequency, purposes, etc.) throughout the time of the clinical placement
xi. Providing course objectives and specific learning outcomes achieved by the student at the time of placement to the clinical education faculty

I. Demonstrate excellent communication skills both written and verbal.
ii. Ability to work effectively in an interdisciplinary team framework.

i. Bachelor’s degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences, Clinical Laboratory or any other related discipline
ii. 2 years’ experience in a clinical laboratory, teaching hospital laboratory

3 Preceptors (physiotherapy) *3
i. To help students undertake an assessments of patients using clinical reasoning skills and manual assessment techniques to provide physiotherapy diagnosis of their condition.
ii. Providing mentoring and supervision throughout the clinical experience with or without direct observation. iii. Orientating students to the clinical site
iv. Evaluating student performance based mostly on direct observations of the student in the clinical site; feedback from team members and patients may contribute to the evaluation
v. Complying with the performance assessment /evaluation requirements of the as provided by DDT College of medicine
vi. Assuring that the students level of supervision (e.g. from continuous supervision to allowing the student to perform independently with consultation) and responsibility (e.g. performing tasks of increasing complexity) are appropriate for their educational level
vii. Assuring consent has been obtained from patient/clients for student management
viii. Assuring open lines of communication
ix. Serving as a role model for students
x. Providing appropriate feedback to the student throughout the clinical placement
xi. Planning student learning experiences during the placement
xii. Understanding the specific learning objectives for the student during the clinical placement
xiii. Assuring adherence of the student to ethical and legal aspects of practice
xiv. Assuring the best practice opportunities for the student
xv. Extending knowledge and skill in providing student clinical education experiences (including program planning, implementation, and evaluation) through continuing education
xvi. Submit all assessment tools and student feedback to the student administration officer
xvii. To make arrangements for the student to be supervised and supported by another licensed practitioner who accepts responsibility for the student, in the event that resident physiotherapist will be unreachable
xviii. Communicate with the college’s clinical coordinator before or during midterm evaluations if the student encounters significant challenges
xix. Utilize a variety of teaching/coaching strategies to assist the student to meet clinical performance expectations.
xx. Facilitate a formal, collaborative and mutually respectful environment for learning.
xxi. Discuss with the student the preferred method for communication with clinical preceptor and/or clinic site.

i. Bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy or any other related qualification
ii. 2 years’ experience as a physiotherapist

4 Preceptor (Doctors Assistance)
i. To provide mentoring and supervision to learners throughout the entire learner clinical placement experience and with or without direct observation report progress to the clinical rotations coordinator and or head of program
ii. Orientating learners on arrival at the clinical placement site
iii. Preparing clinical rotations and schedule template and the day and night call roster for learners at the clinical rotation site
iv. Ensuring that the learners level of supervision (e.g. from early continuous supervision to allowing the learners to perform consultations independently) and responsibility are appropriate for their clinical educational learning experience.
v. Monitor and ascertain supervision of learners while on calls
vi. Compiling performance assessments/evaluations of learners at the clinical rotations as per the clinical handbooks and DDT College of Medicine policies requirements
vii. Tutoring of learners at clinical placements sites at-least twice a week.
viii. Must observe and assess the learners performing clinical functions, including documentation on regular basis and provide constructive verbal feedback to the student periodically over the course of rotation
ix. Communicating with students regarding concerns about performance or behavior in a timely manner
x. Serve as a role model , professional leader and demonstrate professionalism resource and guiding students to appropriate material.
Ii.2 years’ work experience as a medical doctor

Applicants should provide any other information to assist the College to determine their suitability for the position and applications should be forwarded to:

DDT College of Medicine
P O Box 70587
before 25th February 2020
Only shortlisted candidate will be contacted