DDTCOM is the first private owned medical school in Botswana. and is offering four (4) programs; Bachelor of Pharmacy(BPHARM), Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science(BMLS) Bachelor of Physiotherapy(BPHYSIO) and Bachelor of Doctor assistance (BDA) This college have the PR, Marketing and Admissions offices working in line with the college’s motto; Educating for global success that are there to ensure that the international students. are given all the necessary assistance they may need either regarding their studies, students accommodations, how to get to Botswana, the programs that the college is offering and what they will become after studying with us etc. The students will get all the help they need to settle in Botswana and in the college because the college has the interest of both its students at heart.


For an applicant to be part of DDT College of Medicine they should have following;
(a) 40 points and above with B or better in Science and Mathematics
(b) A levels,
(c) Pre Med,
(d) Bsc – Year 1
(e) Nursing
(f) Laboratory scientist
(g) Pharmacy Technician
(h) Reinstatements ( including from abroad)


DDTCOM currently invites applicants from the SADC region to apply but wished to extend to the globe in the near future. The application form can be downloaded from the college’s website. ( deadline for all application is july 31st 2017
DDTCOM application procedure for international students is as follows;
1. Read the applicable “terms and conditions” before completing the form
2. Complete the form in block letters
3. Fill up an application form and attach it with a copy of
- Photocopy of Identity card,
- Certified copies of academic results relevant to entry requirement
- 1 passport sized photo with white background
4. Submit with application fee of $50
5. Attend a rigorous DDTCOM interview
6. Receive your admission letter
7. Process your study permit $150
8. Receive your prestigious medical education
Applicants will have to meet the admission criteria as specified in this prospectus and any pre-requisites required for specific programes. In case the applicant’s country’s qualifications framework is not catered for in the admissions criteria, please contact the DDTCOM agent in your country.

Visa Application

The college has the necessary forms (immigration application form 15 and form 3) available for international students both online and in the campus as required by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. The student should have the following in order to complete the forms;
• Passport photo of a valid passport
• Clear and true information on where the student will be leaving (copy of lease arrangement or letter from the landlord.)
• Proof of sufficient financial means to cover tuition fees, subsistence and incidental costs (sponsorship letter or bank statement)
• Police clearance certificate less than 6 months old (18 years or older)
• Medical and radiological reports less than 6 months old (immigration form 3 )
Proof of medical cover that is registered or recognized in Botswana


All the necessary information needed regarding the fees is made available at the admissions department The iinternational student admission fees (once off), Registration fee (per year), Medical Insurance are additional fees which are also applicable to international students


The college will take the students for a city tour to show them Botswana tourist attraction places, .malls, and any other places that the students will wish to go.

College news and events

The college has a lot of activities going every year; there is an annual White Coat Ceremony where the 1st year students for that year will be taking their oath as medical students. The students have football games from time to time and social activities where they give back to the community (donations to charity) with the help of the college’s charity office (Golden Rule).


The college is using its two lodges in locations closer to the campus to cater for the accommodation requirements of its international students. The lodges are fully finished, under 24hour security guard and have power and water supply. . There is also free internet and WiFi provided at the lodges to enable students to do their school work even outside the campus.


The college has a bus to transport students and there is also reliable public transport, with reasonable fares that the students can use because the accommodation for international students is located in central locations where public transport is easily accessible. The admission package prepared by the college’s Marketing, Admissions and PR offices for international students has everything detailed regarding how to get from the student accommodations to the college

Upon Arrival

There will be college transport available and officers from the college to pick up the students upon their arrival and take them to the lodges respectively. The officers who welcome students will be from the PR, Marketing and Admissions making it easier for students to ask any questions they may have before getting into the main reason they are in Botswana which is to study.
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