Since the current Campus is located in a Commercial zone, DDTCOM partnered with Private Security Firm (Ninjitsu Security Services) to protect the Facility and people.
- The Facility of the Campus is also certified Safe for use/Habitable by the Local Authorities (Fire & Health)

–DDTCOM has a number of well-equipped Laboratories for different Faculties.
-Master Laboratory
-Anatomy Laboratory
-Diagnostic Laboratory
-Physiotherapy Laboratory
-Chemistry/Wet Laboratory
-Clinical Skills Laboratory

DDTCOM Campus infrastructure comprises of different articulate spaces such as:
-Library & Information Service: DDTCOM Library has a Number of Books available for Loan to the Students. It offers Online Journal Database, Computers with Internet Access. Students are requested to produce Valid Student Identity Cards for access in the Library as well as borrowing books.
- Lecture Halls: The current infrastructure comprises of 4 with a capacity of 300 leaners.
-Reading Rooms: A number of Reading Rooms with a combined Capacity of about 50 learners.
-Operation Hours:
Monday to Friday: 0700-1900 hrs
Saturday 1000-1700 hrs
Sunday (Not Open)

-DDTCOM offers a variety of Accommodation to International Students as well as Staff upon arrival. This will enable the Students to settle easily in the Country whereas Local Students source accommodation on personal basis to their place of preference.
-Transport: DDTCOM is easily Accessible through different modes of transport (be it Public or Private vehicles). Accessibility to and from the City Center, Airport and other Ports of entry.